Have you been curious about animal communication and how you can learn or improve your skills to connect with the animals in your life?
We all have an ability to connect with animals but sometimes we need more support to learn specific ways to communicate and have deeper relationships.
As we know, animals have an incredible ability to give unconditional love and through this, we can become our best selves. Just being with animals elevates our hearts and spirits. Many of us also want to give back to them and learn from their wisdom. This is a unique chance to do just that!
Join us ONLINE for this virtual workshop. During our time together, you will be guided by Animal Communicator Tracy Pierce who will provide space and coaching as you play with and receive insight remotely from our animal friends.
The animals will help inspire you to have more freedom, flow, and ease in your life as you learn to trust your intuition, the messages you receive, and the ways they come.
Please join Animal Communicator Tracy Pierce for an introductory animal communication where you will:
-Learn the basic process for communicating with animals
-Discover which of your senses are most clear for receiving communications
-Develop more confidence in your abilities to connect with different kinds of animals
-Learn new methods on how to quickly access animal insight
-Experience unconditional love and joy and receive specific messages from the animals to uplift your life
-Receive a reading on your own animal/s from other participants
During the workshop we will practice our remote animal communication skills with different animals. We will spend at least half of the workshop interacting with the animals and practicing our animal communication skills.
What to bring with you to class:
*A journal or other note taking device
*Water and refreshments as you need
*Your inner eight-year-old filled with curiosity and wonder
*Workshop handouts (will be emailed to you before the event)
*A digital image of an animal friend you’d like to communicate with
$75 early bird by Jan 17th
$100 starting Jan 18th
Date and Time: Saturday January23rd, 10AM-1PM Mountain Time
Location: Zoom
Upon registration you will receive details on how to join us. It is recommended that you attend the class via laptop or desktop computer (not mobile or tablet) if possible.

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About Your Host:
Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator based in Colorado. She is inspired to connect humans with the deeper wisdom of their animal friends through one-on-one Animal Communication sessions and Animal Communication workshops. Although she loves connecting with animals in person, most of her sessions are conducted virtually with clients around the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

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