One of the most common reasons people come to me for animal communication is bad behavior – and most usually that has to do with pets relieving themselves in places that are deemed inappropriate. What is fascinating to me about this phenomena is that it is rarely what owners think the problem is. In almost every scenario I have talked to pets about their perceived bad behavior, the answer to why they are doing the behavior laid with something going on in the owner themselves.

And it isn’t just bad behaviors that are reflected from the owner into the pet, all kinds of behaviors and even appearance can show up in the pet. Animals can be like energetic sponges when it comes to their owners. Watch this short video to learn more:

After watching this video, I wonder if you can recognize any behaviors in your own pets that might be a reflection of your own situation? I’d love to hear about any ah-ha moments you have had in the comments below!

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Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator based in Colorado. She is inspired to connect humans with the deeper wisdom of their animal friends through one-on-one Animal Communication sessions and larger in-person Animal Communication workshops.

Although she loves connecting with animals in person, most of her sessions are conducted virtually with clients around the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

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