Pet Loss. The second most common reason people contact me for animal communication is death. Either a pet is approaching their death window or they have just passed through it. 

When my animal communication partner Nina and I embarked on our past pets project, we had the opportunity to communicate with lots and lots of deceased pets. What we learned from this overall is that animals have a very different view of death than humans do.

Check out this week’s video to learn more about how animals view death and hear about some of my own very personal experiences with pet death:

Death is a delicate subject in the human world. Things usually seem quite different from a pet’s eyes. Learning more about my own pets’ deaths has been extremely eye opening for me, and it has been for many of the pet owners I’ve worked with on this topic. Ready to learn more about animal communication and schedule your session? Click here to jump to the animal communication page.

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Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator based in Colorado. She is inspired to connect humans with the deeper wisdom of their animal friends through one-on-one Animal Communication sessions and larger in-person Animal Communication workshops.

Although she loves connecting with animals in person, most of her sessions are conducted virtually with clients around the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

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