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Clients Say....

Sashi and I wanted to let you know that she made it through our three week vacation with no problems at all. She was happy to see us when we got home and has been coming to be petted more often. We also bought canned cat food that is mostly tuna and she loves it. Thanks so much for your help.
I just wanted to tell you again how wonderful your animal sessions have been to watch during this pandemic I am sitting on my patio watching all of the birds and squirrels and have so much more of an understanding and appreciation of them now. Thank you so much for that my friend.
-Nancy Chinn, Michigan

Thank you so much Tracy!! Your compassion and love for animals is beyond amazing. After losing our sweet dog, you were able to help me with closure and understanding the final transition hours. I am so grateful for you. You are such a special person with a very special gift. Again, thank you for all you have done for our beloved dog and our family. You are truly amazing!

-Laura Phillips

Thank you for the lovely session. It was very nice to sit in vision space with someone so talented and I am better able to rest on my column knowing the cats are there with me spiritually. The session with you brought me so much comfort and peace at a time when I really needed it. I was doubting my own ability to connect with my cats, and you helped restore my confidence in myself.

Since that time, my relationship with the cats who share my home has deepened and I am trusting myself more which is making it easier for me to flow with the changes in my life. "                                                                         

-Rebecca Andrews, self-employed single mom, Austin, Texas

Tracy has read all of my animals before and even horses I've considered adopting and she has always been very accurate and helpful! Often she confirms a feeling I have about them and sometimes there is new information I needed to know as well. Regardless, I find the animal communication readings with her really help me to bond better with my critters as I better understand them and they also feel heard. I highly recommend a session with her!

-Kate Neligan, Equine-Partnered Life/Career Coach, Longmont, CO

That was really an amazing session today. It was different than I expected-- which is probably to be expected. I think you have an incredible gift, and I thank you so much for sharing it with me. I have only positives to say about you. I really appreciated learning of who you are through the Timebank so now I can have you as a resource for my pets. I definitely would recommend you highly to my family and friends!

-Gina, pet owner, Maryland

The session yesterday was excellent. I am very impressed by your skill. You got the essence of each of them and the communications seemed very clear. Thank you!

-Karen Chen, Texas

Loved the workshop! Tracy and Kate are wonderful teachers who really love animals. They offered large and small group experiences where we could practice connecting with live animals and photos of animals and get feedback. I was so encouraged..

-Animal Communication & Horse Wisdom Online Workshop participant

Thank you for the amazing session Thursday! It had been a long time since I had had the pleasure of communicating with my precious lill guys (something like 10 years!!!) and it felt really good to hear from them!
What they told you was very consistent with what they had been communicating in the past, ... What Wamba showed you about his start in life is pretty much what the Belgians communicators had perceived too, he really didn't like his first family and didn't want to go back there! His take on his handicap was exactly the same too!
It was great to have your vision about his position in the home and how he holds connection, we can feel it ourselves but people.... tend to dismiss that idea because he's an animal! Duh!
I feel so blessed to have them in my life and I'm grateful for this opportunity to communicate with them and make sure that they're was relieving to know that they're satisfied with their life and happy, that they felt that they were able to live their purpose with us, it's so important!
Thank you so much for this time together, we will no doubt contact you later for more communication with them and recommend you to anyone interested!
-Isabelle B., Sweden

Our newly adopted cat Poppy is an elderly cat, now living with our 3 younger cats. Poppy was freaked out by the high energy of our cats, especially the boss cat Mia. During our session Tracy asked Poppy what was bothering her, and what we all could do to make her feel more comfortable. Poppy made a number of requests, which we all followed as best we could, and became a lot calmer and trusting from then on. A subsequent session was all it took to bring harmony to the house, Highly recommended experience.

-Simon, Malta

Loved the Animal Communication Practice Session. I really learned a lot - and you're right, practicing makes all the difference. I need more of it. I never believed I could get communication images from an animal's photo -- but when I relaxed and opened myself to the possibility, it was amazing how much I could visualize or even 'hear' - though it is not hearing as in hearing words, but more in sensing words through images/colors for me. I think it CAN manifest through sound, though I haven't experienced that yet. The animals usually do want to communicate if humans are willing to try.

-M, cat lover, Boulder

Tracy has such an incredible gift being able to give animals a voice! I’ve had a couple sessions with her and am always amazed by specific parts of my pets personalities that come out during the sessions! She also helped me communicate with a pet who recently passed away, and it brought me so much clarity and peace. I’m always excited for the next time I meet with her!

-Leia Krebsbach, Boulder, CO

Tracy completely exceeded my expectations!

I signed up for a reading with her for my cat, Phoenix. He has had some behavioral issues when visitors come to our home. Tracy was able to communicate with him so we could get to the root of the problem. I was blown away at how he’s been feeling and now I can implement some changes to better his quality of life. I wouldn’t have known what to do for him if not for our call with Tracy. I’m very much looking forward to where Phoenix’s life goes from here!
-Chelsea, Pennsylvania

Before I connected with Tracy I had never worked with an animal communicator before. I was interested in the idea, and a little bit skeptical. When a good friend told me about Tracy I knew she was the one I wanted to call. Any skepticism I had quickly went away as we began our first session. Since then Tracy has been an invaluable resource for Moonie, my cat, and I a number of times over the last few years. Working with Tracy has provided me with insight into our dynamics & relationship (as well as those with some neighborhood cats that had taken up residence on our property), and has offered me greater clarity in navigating some big decisions and life transitions that were going to affect both Moonie and I. With this insight and clarity I was able to move forward in planning with greater ease and confidence. In just 30 minutes Tracy is able to provide a huge amount of information and insight in a very straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. I'm always surprised at how much information she offers in just half an hour! I can't recommend working with Tracy enough. (And I think Moonie would agree!)

-Becca, Herbalist, Ipswich, MA

Hi, Anja from Belgium here! Sinds 15 years I live in the woods with several cats. The last year I didn't found solutions with the regular vets for several physical problems with my cats. Talking with my cats trough Tracy gave my a clear insight how to help them and with result! Tracy gives the communication of the cats very accurate. She's also very professional. I can highly recommend here!

-Anja Lammens, Belgium

Thanks so much! I’ve done two other animal communicators and this was definitely the most detailed and best. Appreciate it! 

-Lisa Gallegos, CPDT-KA, Denver, CO

The needle-like or spikey energy Cooper mentioned I certainly have noticed in our exchange when he barks at the kids and dog outside the front door....Since he said it was more energetic feeling of the spikey-ness also my rushing and darting, I’ve tried to slow down in general and also come from a lower center of energy. I do notice when I do that, just a calm “no. enough.” is sufficient to stop him from barking pretty quickly. Dramatic difference. Our walks are calmer with my lowering my energy too. 

Since working with you, I think Gus has been more forthcoming to me. He is bolder to come up on my lap.... I think each of them is a little more attentive to me since your experience. I did show Ellie the toxic trees, leaves, and pods, and she hasn’t been chomping on them anymore. Gus has shown restraint despite his uncontrollable draw to the smell. That is all very remarkable and terrific and they aren’t vomiting anymore.

-Beth Kelly, CA

"Thanks so much for all your help with Quasar back in December! The advice and information you provided have helped to blossom the relationship my cat and I share. I can't express my gratitude enough; thank you!"

-Kayla D., Loveland, CO

We had a session with Tracy and our little corgi/Chihuahua Max while he was in the hospital. He wasn’t there when we made the appointment but the timing turned out to be perfect. She checked in with him the night before to send him healing. We were so grateful to have had that communication. Unfortunately he passed the following Thursday. We made another appointment with her to communicate with him two weeks after his passing. Our grief was deep and it felt like it would never come.
In the meantime we rescued a little girl from the Humane Society who had been a stray. I immediately made an appointment with Tracy to talk to this little girl to see what we needed to know and to let her know she is in her forever home with people who love her.
As it turned out we talked to both Max and Shay together.
Max said he’s feeling shiny and bright and Tracy said he was dancing. That went quite far to ease our pain.
Anyway, Tracy is the absolute best. I went to a different communicator with a previous dog years earlier and as much as I was impressed, Tracy really knows the questions to ask. And follow up questions. These were really two way conversations which is what we needed and wanted.
Our daughter found her first and her sessions have been amazing also.
Thank you, Tracy
-Sylvia and Tim Kavaney

Tracy did an amazing job communicating with our beloved dog Mimi who passed away several weeks ago. She was so accurate, heartwarming, and honest, that it felt like talking to a close friend. My husband and I had an excellent experience with her, specially because we felt at ease after talking to her. She has a special gift of communicating with animals!

-I. Castaneda

We recently, very quickly and unexpectedly, lost one of our beloved fur babies (Dylan) and have been grieving very deeply. We also have two other fur babies (Ciara & Hope) still with us who have also been very sad. As soon as Tracy contacted Dylan we knew she was absolutely talking to him, as she described what he was doing, and it was 100% how he greeted us everyday. His greeting was very unique, and she could not have known that, but she described it perfectly. There were also so many things that she said that she could not have known. It gave us so much comfort to know that he was telling us he was happy where he is now. Tracy also communicated with our other fur babies and even addressed a behavior issue--Hope jumping on people as they walk into the house. She worked with her, and showed us what to do as well, and I swear to you that it worked the first time we tried it. I am so thankful for this experience and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to communicate with their fur babies--those with us now and those no longer with us.


I want to say again how incredible our session was yesterday. I knew/felt that it would be transformative, but it truly exceeded my expectations. I came out of it as fulfilled and renewed as some of my own deep healing sessions. Incredibly grateful and even more excited to work with you!

-Katelyn Munger, Atlantic Beach, FL

I lost both of my dogs to cancer two days apart, and was overwhelmed with grief. Tracy was so kind and patient with me (through my many tears), and brought me the connection with my two babies that I so desperately needed. My questions have been answered, my guilt alleviated. I’ll always miss my dogs, but I’m less distressed now knowing my dogs are at peace. Thank you so much, Tracy. You have a gift, and I feel so lucky to have found you. 

-Nicole Day, Colorado

I've had two communication sessions with Tracy over the past two years, both after a beloved dog of mine had died. She was absolutely wonderful, not only in sharing messages from them, but in helping to heal the grief that I was feeling and that my surviving dog felt as well. Tracy is very gifted, and she's methodical in her approach to each session. You can bring questions, or just listen to the messages your animals want to give you. I highly recommend her services, both for living animals and for the ones we have lost.

-Amber Neumann, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you talk to deceased animals?

Yes, with the only caveat being if your animal friend is recently deceased, it is best to wait at least one week after their passing to do a session.

Although some animals are able to communicate right after their physical deaths, my experience has been that I'm able to get a much clearer reading for you if we wait a minimum 7 days after their passing.

The loss of an animal friend is a huge topic. If you want to learn more about the animal perspective on grief, death and dying, check out the playlist on YouTube here:

Are sessions remote or in person?

All private animal communication sessions are conducted remotely via Zoom. Remote sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, sometimes more so. Click to watch this video to learn more:

If you feel there is some special circumstance that we need to meet in person and you live in Boulder County or the Denver Metro area in Colorado please send me a message describing your situation. Before an in person session can take place, clients must complete a 75-minute online intake session. Minimum charge for an in-person session is $250. Additional travel fees may apply for in-person sessions.

If you're curious about workshops and practice sessions, these have also been delivered remotely since 2020. It's possible that in-person workshops will resume in 2022 depending on how the pandemic continues to unfold. Be sure to join the newsletter to learn about upcoming events.

Can I do a session with you on the phone instead of on Zoom?

I no longer offer session via phone. I've found I'm able to hold the space and connect much better through Zoom as a medium versus the phone. I tend to "talk" with my hands a lot, and sometimes I need to demonstrate some things for you visually that I can't do on the phone. Plus, it's much simpler and easier for me to record the session for you via Zoom versus the many other platforms I've experimented with.

Your animal friends don't need to be on camera for me during the session though. If your animal would prefer to be in another room during our session, that's totally fine. You also don't have to be on camera if you would prefer not to be, if you want to only use audio on Zoom, that's completely up to you. I will be on camera though, so you'll be able to see me.

Do you do healing for animals?

Yes. I am trained and certified by Morter Health System in Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST). I frequently use this healing technique with animals when appropriate. BEST can be implemented during remote sessions. This is most frequently part of an animal communication session, not a separate session on its own.

In this video I describe more about BEST and how it works:
Also, in another video session I did, one of my animal friends, Charlotte the Goat, asked me to do some BEST healing work with her. You can watch me demonstrate what BEST looks like in a remote healing session here:
If you want to jump straight to the healing bit of this video, start at the 3:40 minute mark.
Are you available for emergency sessions?

Other Animal Communicators are often able to accomodate emergency sessions more quickly than I am. I can sometimes be available for emergency sessions if they can be scheduled Tuesday-Friday between 9AM-3PM Mountain Time (Denver).

Emergency sessions are evaluated on a case-by-base basis; however, I am often booked out days or up to a week or two in advance and not able to help in emergency situations.

Emergency sessions booked with less than 24 hours notice or outside normal business hours will be billed at an increased rate of $250/hour.

To check if I might be available more urgently for your request, send me an email and tell me about your situation. If you don't hear back from me right away I am likely not available and I would encourage you to keep looking elsewhere instead of relying on me to get to back to you quickly.

Do you work with lost pets?

No, I don't do communications with lost pets at this time. If your pet is lost, send me a message and I will do my best to connect you with an animal communicator who does work with lost pets.

How do I sign up for a session?

All sessions are conducted online via Zoom. Appointments are available Tuesday-Friday between 9AM-3PM Mountain Time (Denver).

All new clients start with a 75 minute intake session. Book your intake session here:

During the initial intake we'll have time to get to know up to two of your animal friends. After that you can choose from 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.
After your initial intake, thirty minutes is usually enough time to talk with 2 animals at most; sixty minutes is usually enough time for 4 animals. For homes with larger numbers of animals, I recommend a 90-minute session.
If you have a problem or serious issue with one or more of your pets, it is best to allow at least 30 minutes per animal. If more than one animal is involved, it's best to book a 60 or 90 minute session so we're sure to have plenty of time to hear from everyone.


To see all the appointment types available, go here and book your session:

Can you teach me how to communicate with my animal friends?

Yes! The best place to start is with Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials, the self-paced online version of the introductory-level class. No prior experience is necessary to take this course - it covers the very basics of Animal Communication and it will cover everything you need to know to join our Animal Communication Practice Sessions.

Click here to learn more about Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials and sign up.

Why group practice sessions? Practicing your Animal Communication skills on your own can be difficult. Working in a group and getting support, verification and encouragement from others who value the words of wisdom our animal friends share can be priceless in moving forward with your Animal Communication competency. In these practice sessions you will work in small groups and get feedback and verification from other aspiring Animal Communicators and me, your Animal Communication Guide.

Whether you’re looking to make regular practice a new routine, get some support in getting started with your practices, or build confidence with your skills, these practice sessions can be a great place to not just get started but to continue making animal communication a more regular part of your life. Click here to learn more about the practice sessions.

I also offer Animal Communication Mentoring sessions. During these 45-minute sessions we can look at anything you'd like with regards to Animal Communication - what's blocking you, what you need to move forward, or practice connecting with your own animal friends. Healing work for you and your animals can also be included. Essentially whatever you'd like to look at or work on to improve your Animal Communication skills is welcome in this session. You can set up your mentoring session here:

Can my friend and/or relative join the animal communication session?

Yes, anyone you would like to be with you during your private animal communication session is welcome. Please keep in mind that you will want a quiet space during the session, so if you have young children or other distractions in your space you will want to make arrangements so you can be fully present.

If your friend/relative lives in the same location as you, certainly invite them to be in the room with you. If they live in a different location, all you need to do is forward the email with the directions about how to join the session to your friend/relative, and as long as they are somewhat savvy with Zoom and technology, it should be no problem for them to join us.

For workshops, each registration is individual. If you have friends or relatives who would also like to attend a workshop, they will need to register separately.

Can you help diagnose a health problem with my animal?

I'm not a vet or other licensed animal health professional, so I cannot give you a diagnosis for any health problems.

What I can do is relay how your animal is feeling, relay anything they tell me about symptoms they are experiencing, and relay anything else I see from my own vision about their physical bodies or their energy. Some vets and animal health professionals are open to hearing this type of information, and this may aid your vet in providing a more accurate diagnosis for your animal.

Although animal communication and traditional veterinary care can compliment each other, animal communication is never a substitute for proper veterinary care.

Can you solve a problem with my animal in one session?

Maybe. This depends on a number of factors.

Sometimes there is something that your animal friend needs to get off their chest, and sometimes that is enough to help bring more harmony into the household.

Oftentimes the root cause of behavioral issues is much different from the animal's perspective than it is from the human perspective.

Sometimes animals will request certain changes in the home. Sometimes any changes you seek in your animal's behavior may largely depend on how much you are willing to change yourself.

Sometimes problems are more complex. Especially if there are a number of humans and animals living together, we may need to talk to all the animals to get a full view of what's going on in the home and to find best resolutions. (If you have many animals and think you need a session longer than 60 minutes, please email me so we can set up an appropriate length session).

Also, with health problems and issues related to past trauma, your animal may respond better to BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) energetic healing with a series of treatments. However, some animals respond immediately to one session and don't seem to need follow up. Every situation is unique.

More complex issues may require a series of sessions, but of course the frequency is always up to you.

My goal is to help you and your animal friends find mutually beneficial ways to resolve any problems, and similar to any exchange or negotiation process, it might take more than one meeting to bring the level of harmony you seek.

Please remember when you schedule your session that if you have a serious issue with one of your animals to allow at minimum 30 minutes with that animal. It's difficult to get to the root of the problem and to learn what may need to happen to facilitate a change with any less time than that.

Even after problems have been resolved, some humans like to check in with their animal friends a few times per year or even every month. There doesn't need to be a problem to meet for an animal communication. In ongoing regular sessions humans get to know their animals on deeper and deeper levels. 

How should I prepare for my session?

Please read this detailed information about how to prepare for an Animal Communication session with Tracy: 

Do you sell gift certificates?

Yes, gift certificates are available! Please note that I do require all new clients to go through a 75 minute intake session before signing up for 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions, so if your gift recipient has not done a session with me before, be sure to purchase the GIFT: NEW CLIENTS: 75 min Animal Communication Intake With Tracy gift certificate for your friend or family member.

Click here to purchase a gift certificate.

What are your business hours?

Private Animal Communication sessions are available Tuesday-Friday between 9AM-3PM Mountain Time (Denver).

Go here to book your session:​

I respond to emails and other inquiries Tuesday-Friday between 9AM-3PM Mountain Time (Denver).

Workshops and online classes are usually held on the weekends throughout the year. For the most up-to-date information about upcoming workshops and classes, be sure to join the newsletter.

We are closed on US National Holidays.


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I do my best to respond to emails within 48 business hours, Tuesday-Friday, 9AM-3PM MT.

Closed on US National Holidays.

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