Sacred Clearing & Blessing Ritual

Group healing work is a great way for humans and animals to keep their energy more clear between individual healing and communication sessions with me.
It’s also a more affordable way for those who feel they may not be able to do a one-on-one session to receive healing work.
Group healing also allows me to positively impact the lives of more beings than I could ever do individually.
This work not just for current or former clients – all are welcome!
I’m happy to now offer three ways you can receive this group clearing and blessing work for yourself and your animal friends:
Once a month
Once a week
Six out of seven days per week

This Sacred Clearing and Blessing Ritual incorporates the most effective techniques I know for group work.


The best part is the only thing you need to do is to allow yourself to receive the energy.

What is this ritual? Essentially what I do is tune into the group and work with clearing and blessing the energy in and around you, your home, your housemates (including your animal friends), your worksite, your vehicles and all the food and water in your home.
I use various energy clearing and healing modalities to do this and combine them in a way that seems to work best for everyone involved.

Ready to experience this for yourself? The next monthly ritual will take place on the 13th of the month, but if you want to get started sooner, you can sign up for the daily or weekly rituals.


Sign up for the Sacred Clearing and Blessing Ritual:

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