Ready to practice your Animal Communication skills?


You’ve taken some basic animal communication classes, you’ve learned WHAT to do to communicate with animals… now what? Well, practice of course.

When I was a new Animal Communication student I focused on taking more and more classes thinking these classes would improve my skills, but what I discovered was that practice was the absolute key to refining my Animal Communication proficiency.

There are lots of Animal Communication teachers out there, but not many opportunities to practice outside of a basic workshop format. That’s why I created the Animal Communication Practice series – it really is about practice, practice, practice when it comes to perfecting any skill and I want to give you plenty of opportunity to do just that.

Think of your Animal Communication skills in the same way you might think about body building. You may know HOW to properly pick up a weight and build up your muscles, but unless you actually DO it, nothing will come of your efforts. When you practice Animal Communication you’re building an Animal Communication muscle essentially, and the more familiar you get with using that muscle, the more naturally and easily your communication skills will come online.

Plus, practicing your skills on your own can be difficult. Working in a group and getting support, verification and encouragement from others who value the words of wisdom our animal friends share can be priceless in moving forward with your Animal Communication competency. In these practice sessions you will work in small groups and get feedback and verification from other aspiring Animal Communicators and me, your Animal Communication Guide.

Whether you’re looking to make regular practice a new routine, get some support in getting started with your practices, or build confidence with your skills, these practice sessions can be a great place to not just get started but to continue making animal communication a more regular part of your life.

I look forward to practicing Animal Communication with you soon!

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