While planning for the upcoming Animal Communication and Horse Wisdom Workshop, Kate (the other workshop facilitator) and I headed to the Mother Ranch to have a chat with the animals that want to participate in the workshop.

Our purpose? To get the animals’ input of course! In this animal communication course, the animals are as much the teachers as we humans are, and we wanted to hear what the animals wanted to add to the space of the workshop.

animal communication with Sweetness the donkeyThe first animal that really wanted to connect with me was the donkey, Sweetness – very aptly named, he is one of the sweetest beings I have ever met. He came and stood firmly against my leg, telling me I need to “chill out” and that I need more grounding.

It’s been a fairly common message from the animals in my life lately that I need to “chill out”, to relax and trust. So I stood with the firmly planted Sweetness as he very perceptively pulled my energy more firmly into the ground. He even started to pull energy off me with his nose and then rub his nose into the ground to disperse the energy I no longer needed to carry.

While Sweetness was grounding me, Kate noticed a huge, ancient and strange type of bug land on my leg. She told me where to look, and when I did, it was all I could do to not swat the bug off, scream, and run away – it was a HUGE bug that had colorings much like a wasp (but much bigger) and had what looked like a very long and dangerous stinger.

Animal communication with ancient looking bugWith encouragement from Kate, I decided to tune into this ancient-looking bug creature and ask it to leave my leg instead of swatting it away. The bug did not respond to my request to leave, so I changed the question – what did this bug want to teach or show me?

The bug spoke up instantly and repeated the message “Tracy, you need to chill out.” It went on to explain that what looked like a massive, huge, scary stinger was only a fake stinger – it had no intension of stinging me and in fact this “stinger” wasn’t even a real stinger. I looked more closely at the bug and noticed that the “stinger” did not appear sharp on the end. I tried to relax.

The bug went on to tell me that one of the reasons I need to chill out is that I believe things that are big, bad, and dangerous are usually not nearly as dangerous as I perceive them to be. It’s true, I often refuse to believe that everything is going to be ok and often refuse to trust myself, and that has led to problems in my life. Just like with the bug, I could feel the part of me that didn’t trust this was not a dangerous bug and wanted to swat it away, even though it could not actually sting me, just the thought that it COULD sting me was enough to break out in a cold sweat.

The bug continued to climb up my leg, and Kate was able to snap a few pics, but once it got close to my shirt tail I wasn’t willing to let it climb any higher, especially when it made the move to get UNDER my shirt. I was able to pull my shirt away from me and move the bug off me at the same time. At which point the bug said to me, “Good, good… at least you know your boundaries!” And it flew away.

Through the magic of Facebook friends we were able to determine that the bug in questions was a Pigeon Tremex Horntail. I was then able to look up the details about this creature and to determine that indeed the “stinger” was not a real stinger and I really did have nothing to worry about with this bug. Check out more details (and see better photos) of this fascinating creature.

Learning to trust the messages that come through in animal communication is often one of the bigger barriers for students starting out – and sometimes for those of us who have been doing it for awhile too! Getting this validation about the bug and its message for me after the fact reinforced that the messages that come to us from our animal friends are real – we aren’t just making them up in our heads!


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