Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials


For animal lovers who want to learn animal communication and how to talk to pets.


As devoted guardians of our beloved pets, we cherish every moment spent with them. However, understanding their unspoken messages can sometimes be challenging.

Have you noticed unusual changes in their behavior or mood and wondered what they could mean?

Imagine being able to unlock your pet’s secrets. This course guides you on a path to connect with your pets on a deeper level. It’s about enhancing your relationship with your animal companions and complementing the care you provide them.

Animals are sentient beings… What do you think about this?

Black, brown and white dog lying in the grass hoping his caretaker will learn animal communication

Do you believe your animal friend is a sentient being?

Imagine being in these situations…

You are out at work and have no way of knowing how your pet is feeling.

There is going to be a change in your house which you cannot warn your animal friends about.

You cannot seem to figure out why your animal companion is behaving the way they do.

You are trying to understand what your pet loves most about life, but you do not know how.

In all these situations, you feel compelled to understand your animal friend, or you wish to convey something to them.

But though you think it’s impossible, did you know there is a way to learn animal communication skills?

Yes, you read that right. The unthinkable is possible! Keep reading to find out more.

Have you ever tried to understand your animal companion?

Do you think your pet is trying to communicate with you, but you just don’t know what they are trying to say?

Young white cat looks at her caretaker hoping she'll learn animal communication

Well, we have a secret to share.


When you take your pet to a vet, a behaviorist, or a trainer, they only pay attention to what is going on in the physical world. They look into the physical manifestations of the issue at hand.


But what you want is to learn how to talk to animals and understand what they are trying to tell you. And to do so, you have to be present with your pet and listen to their feelings and thoughts.


The course Connect with Animals: Foundation Essentials has been designed to teach you how to learn animal communication. This way, you will know for yourself what your animal friends are trying to say.


Once you take the animal communication course online, you will begin to have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with animals. And you will find that this brings a lot of joy, peace, and harmony into your home.

But that’s not all…

Young white cat looks at her caretaker hoping she'll learn animal communication

While veterinarians and behaviorists play a crucial role in your pet’s well-being, they might not always explore into the underlying causes of your pet’s issues.

Recognizing only physical symptoms can overlook what your pet is truly feeling and experiencing.


As a pet guardian, you may sometimes guess the reasons behind your pet’s actions, thinking they might be acting out of spite or fear due to a traumatic past.

However, these assumptions often miss the mark, leaving you unaware of your pet’s true feelings.


The key lies in connecting with your pet’s thoughts and emotions, which is often overlooked in traditional approaches.

Addressing just the visible symptoms without understanding the deeper causes won’t lead to lasting solutions and could even exacerbate the issue.


In fact, there is a possibility that things could get worse…

What occurs when you cannot get to the bottom of a problem?



You end up wasting time by going to the vet over and over to do various tests.



You also spend a lot of your time researching animal behavior to figure out what they are trying to communicate and how you can help.


What if there was a hack to obtain an understanding of how you can provide a fulfilling and healthy life for your animal friends?

A way to provide them with the chance to feel understood?

Two shepherd type dogs on leashes are happy their owner has learned animal communication
We often turn to veterinarians and behaviorists for solutions when our animal companions face challenges. These professionals offer invaluable insights and care, focusing on the physical and behavioral aspects of our pets’ well-being. Their expertise is crucial, but sometimes, there’s more to the story.

Think about this: Could there be an additional layer to understanding our pets that goes beyond the physical observations? Is it possible that our pets have their own unique feelings and perspectives that are waiting to be understood?

It’s common for pet owners to make assumptions about their pets’ behaviors. We might think our pets are acting out of spite, or that a rescue pet’s actions are solely due to a troubled past. However, these well-meaning assumptions might not fully capture what our animal friends truly feel or think.

This is where the art of animal communication can play a transformative role. By learning to tune into the thoughts and emotions of our pets, we can complement the physical care provided by veterinary professionals. This approach doesn’t replace the need for professional medical advice but rather enhances our understanding of our pets’ overall well-being.

What occurs when you cannot get to the bottom of a problem?



You end up wasting time by going to the vet over and over to do various tests.



You also spend a lot of your time researching animal behavior to figure out what they are trying to communicate and how you can help.



What if there was a hack to obtain an understanding of how you can provide an exciting and healthy life to your animal friends? A way to provide them with the chance to feel understood?

Many years ago, I was in a similar situation.



I had a cat, Magoo, who fell ill. Things kept getting worse, and I was in distress not knowing what to do.

At that point, I wished I had taken an animal communication class.

Magoo becoming ill led me to look up how to become an animal communicator because I had to find a way to figure out what was going on.


I found an animal communicator and signed up for a session. Initially, the first animal communication session felt like a reawakening of my energy. It was a feeling I had never experienced before that moment.

A part of me felt like I always knew how to talk to my pet.

I began to recall memories from my childhood and remembered moments when I was aware of how to talk to my pets and communicate with them. While it did feel like that part of me was asleep for the last several years, another part of me was waking up when I started to learn telepathic communication.

Magoo passed away due to her illness, but I felt comfort in knowing and understanding her death and how she felt about it. Being by her side to support her in the ways she wanted during this hard time was reassuring.

After Magoo passed away, I decided to learn animal communication and language for myself. I was very eager to take an animal communicator course online, learn to be a pet translator, and find a way to learn how to communicate with pets after death. I know this may sound weird, but I had lovely animal friends that encouraged me to carry on every step of the way. They motivated me to keep practicing with as many animals as possible.

And I did. I listened to their words of encouragement and practiced as much as I possibly could. I was determined to do this and soon started to reap the benefits. As time moved on, every new animal that I communicated with led to an awakening within me.

Several years after taking animal communicator classes and working with animals, my pets and furry friends cheered me on to develop my own course. I was motivated to put together a class for other pet parents who need guidance on how to deal with their pets in similar situations.

It felt very natural to do this, and so I did!



The best part is that it helps you connect with your animal friend on a deeper level.

  • Without paying an insane amount on vet bills
  • Without having to work with a trainer for an innumerable hours
  • Without constantly having to research your pet’s behavior and what is going on with them
  • Without spending tons of time meditating



The most effective way to solve a pet mystery and bond well with your animal friend is through the study of animal communication.

Announcing Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials


This is an introductory course on animal communication made easy, through which I teach you how to learn animal communication virtually.

I curated a course that covers what we can learn from animal communication, why we should learn about animal communication, and how to become an animal communicator.



Learning this will enable you to communicate effectively with your animal friends and create a deep connection with them. You will also be able to build mutual respect and trust with your pet.


At the end of the course, you will be equipped with skills to understand and connect with your pet on a deep and meaningful level.


– Animals are sentient beings.

– And because of this, communicating with them is not impossible.

– They just communicate differently, and we need to make an effort to speak to them in their language.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn animal communication skills online!


The course covers all you need to know about communicating effectively with your fur baby as well as:

  • The basic guide and process to follow when you begin to communicate with animals
  • Which of your senses works the best when you have to receive communications
  • How to be confident in your skills when you communicate and connect with various animals


While numerous courses on the internet teach you how to become an animal communicator, they generally just send you recordings of live, in-person sessions that were previously conducted. Connect With Animals was created specifically for online learning.

After you complete the Connect with Animals: Foundation Essentials course, you will be skilled at the following:


  • Understanding the right way to connect with your fur baby on a deeper level
  • Forming a deep connection with yourself along with your guides that supports you through your journey of learning the difference between animal communication vs. language.
  • Discovering the best way to communicate effectively with your animal friends
  • Developing an understanding of the role your pets play in your life

“After experiencing a session of animal communication with Tracy, I dove into reading anything I could find on the subject. This course helped get me out of my head and into the actual communicating. Like any relationship it takes frequency and being positive, I look forward to communication with more animal friends.”
Beth Kelly, California

“Tracy’s animal communication online course is clear and organized and easy to follow. I really like that I could do this at my own pace and I can come back to the practices and meditations whenever I want a refresher. This will be so useful with my animal healing practice. Also, Tracy has the most clear, soothing voice which made it easy to drop in to the space of connection and grounding.”
K. Kolker, Colorado



What does the Connect with Animals: Foundation Essentials course include?



Real Life






MODULE 1 – Our Connection With Animals and Ourselves

1- Overview

2- The Key Role Animals Play In Supporting Us

3- Connect With Yourself & Your Resources First


MODULE 2 – Animal Communication Basics

1- Introduction to Telepathic Communication

2- How We Receive the Messages

3- How To Connect With the Animals


MODULE 3 – Animal Communication Practice

1- Practice Introduction

2- Practice with Zella

3 – Wrap Up

But wait, there is more!

When you buy Connect with Animals: Foundation Essentials and start the class, you also get the following bonuses:



Energy Management Tips and Tricks

You will get to learn about energy management and how you can conserve your energy before, during, and after communicating with an animal friend.




Energetic Hand Washing Technique

It is essential to understand how to release unwanted energy after communicating with your animal friends or doing energy work.




Balance the Polarities in Your Animal Friends for Health and Wellbeing

You will learn the best balancing technique, which you can immediately use on your animal friend without any prior experience.

This course is jam-packed with value, here’s what you get:


⭐️ Module 1 – 3 lessons  (value $197)


⭐️ Module 2 – 3 lessons  (value $197)


⭐️ Module 3 – 3 lessons including practice session  (value $197)


⭐️ Meditation audio download to Connect With Your Resources  (value $67)


⭐️ Basic Animal Communication Questions guide  (value $67)


⭐️ Meditation audio download to take you into the Animal Communication Space  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Energy Management Tips and Tricks  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Energetic Hand Washing Technique  (value $67)


⭐️ Bonus: Balance the Polarities in Your Animal Friends for Health & Wellbeing  (value $97)


Total value: $1023

Retails for: $297

Today’s price: $47

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Why buy Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials from me?


I have always enjoyed being surrounded by animals. Many years ago, I volunteered at a local animal shelter and worked in Animal Control. While these jobs ensured I spent a lot of time taking care of animals, I felt that one day I would be able to do much more for them.

Growing up, I watched my pets struggle with different health problems. On my own, I developed an understanding of the situation, however, only once I began to study animal communication, I felt like I could understand and communicate with my pets.

It might sound strange, but my whole journey to becoming an Animal Communicator was through the guidance of my animal friends. They motivated me to put together this wonderful course. I feel privileged to have the chance to share it with all the other animal lovers out there so that they, too, can connect with their animal friends at a deeper level.

Course participants say:


“The course was a great introduction into Animal Communication and I look forward to practicing the techniques provided by Tracy Pierce in order to improve my relationship, care and understanding of animals.”
R. Heskett, DVM, California

“This Animal Communication course by Tracy Pierce was truly wonderful! I was impressed with how much I learned in such a short amount of time. Her presentation style is that of a kind teacher and friend with vast knowledge guiding us through the information with precision, efficiency, and skill. I highly recommend this course to all interested in getting to know your animal friends on a new level!”
Dawn B., Arkansas USA

You will know if you are ready if:



-> You are ready to connect with your animals on a deeper level

-> You want to understand your animal friends and realize that they are sentient beings and can communicate with us

-> You are ready to enrol for a multi-sensory session that will take you back to when you were eight years old

But if you think the following, then you are NOT ready:


-> You believe that only the vet can help your animal friend

-> You don’t think animals are sentient beings

-> You think that Animal Communication is a gift that very few people have

-> You cannot get out of your 3D mindset




If this question has come across your mind, “This sounds interesting, but what do I do if I begin the course and then realize it isn’t for me?” don’t worry-





I 100% believe in this course and am so confident that you will love it that I am offering a money-back guarantee.


After starting the course, if you feel like it is not for you, get in touch within 14 days of the purchase, and I will refund you for it. Although, I doubt this will happen.


Investing in this course will change how you relate to the animals around you and will make you much happier.

It is time to make a decision:


You could just ignore this course and continue to question what is going on with your animal friends.

You could spend your days searching the internet to find the answer to why your animal friend is behaving differently or seems sick.


You can make this small commitment to yourself and your animal friend by joining this course immediately.

Once you jump into the course, you will instantly notice what your animal friend is saying, and everything will make sense.


So, what’s your pick? I am sure you’ll make the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is the instructor?

A. Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator. She connects animal lovers to the thoughts and feelings of their animal friends so they can create more peace, harmony and understanding at home.


Q. Will this course really work?

A. If you put in the time, do the activities and spend time practicing with as many animals as you can, then YES! Anyone can learn animal communication, but you will need to commit to practicing.


Q. How much is it and how can I pay?

A. This course is a super great deal, it’s a one-time payment of $47. Credit card payments are processed via Stripe, so you know your transaction is secure. You can also check out via PayPal if you prefer.


Q. How long do I have to make a decision?

A. The $47 is deeply discounted. The price will go up in 3 days. Be sure to lock in the $47 price point and purchase within the next 3 days.


Q. When will I have access to the course?

A. You will have immediate access to all the Modules in the course. Watch the email address you used to sign up for details about how to set up your account, you should receive them very shortly after your purchase is confirmed.


Q. Is there a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, from the date you purchase, you have 14 calendar days to decide if the program is a fit for you. If it’s not, get in touch before the end of your trial period for a full refund.


Q. Can I work at my own pace?

A. Absolutely! This is the best way!


Q. How long will it take for me to complete the course?

A. The course itself is about 2 hours long. It is however broken down into smaller lessons so you can work at your own pace and come back when you’re ready for the next lesson if you wish. You will be provided with other practice materials and downloads that you can use for your practice sessions outside of the course itself. All told, there are several hours of materials you can work with depending on how you work best.

Yes! Let’s Do This!!

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