What Happens During An Animal Communication Session and How To Prepare

Sessions are conducted via Zoom and are recorded so you can listen back later if you wish. You can connect with me in Zoom via computer, tablet, mobile, or regular telephone. Detailed instructions will be sent once your session is scheduled.
Your session is a chance for you to have direct connection with the thoughts and feelings of your animal friends.
I connect with your animal friend telepathically – we do not need to be physically in the same place to do that. Your animal friend can be in another part of the house, or even in another country – they don’t need to be in the same place as you for the session.
I usually use a photo of your animal to connect with them. Although a photo is not 100% necessary, it does help me connect to your animal friend more quickly. I then relay what they share with me – this may be through images, feelings, words, smells and more.
One of the most important things to me about these sessions is my ability to give animals a voice, a chance for them to really be heard, to say whatever they feel they need to say. For this reason, normally, I will put you on mute for the first five minutes or so in order to give your animal a chance to share whatever it is that they feel is most important to them. Putting you on mute also helps me to make sure I have a good connection with your animal and that I’m not accidentally reading your energy by mistake. You won’t be on mute the whole time though, this will be an interactive experience for you as well.
Although it doesn’t happen all the time, it is possible your animal/s might share something that is not what you expected to hear or even shocking. Please know that I don’t censor what the animal/s share with me. I do try to be as accurate as possible in what they share and how they want me to share it with you.
It’s highly recommended that you write down any questions you think of for your animal friends ahead of time. I’ve seen it happen many times that people forget what they wanted to ask once we get into the session, so I really encourage you to jot your questions down so you’re sure to remember.
You’ll get more out of the session when you bring your curiosity and sense of wonder about your animal friends!
It’s also a good idea to let your animal friend/s know they get to talk to an Animal Communicator! Animals often understand much more than we give them credit for.
When we first connect I may ask you some questions for clarification about your animal friends, like their age, sex or breed and how long they have lived with you, etc.
I can certainly connect with your animal friends without some of this information, but you’ll get the most from the session when I know what’s happening from your side of things as well. I don’t necessarily need to know all the details upfront, but I will most likely ask for your view point.
I’m not a “psychic” in the sense of being a fortune teller or being able to predict the future. I’m really more of a translator and mediator. I do my best to share everything your animal friend conveys to me. I can also help mediate issues between animals if members of the household are not getting along.
I have questions I move through as they seem appropriate. Animal guardians can ask questions too, in fact you are encouraged to!
This is an interactive experience, and animals are usually very interested to engage with their humans in this way.
When problems or challenges arise with our animal friends, their point of view about the situation is often very different from the human perspective. This includes behavioral issues and health challenges. Sometimes something that you think is a problem is not a problem at all from the animal’s point of view.
One of the beauties of animal communication is that it takes everyone’s point of view into consideration and looks to find mutually beneficially resolutions for everyone involved.
It’s not about making your animal do something, it’s about hearing what they have to say about the situation and taking that into account in addition to the human point of view.
I will always maintain a neutral attitude in any matter of conflict between animals or between animals and their humans so we can find best solutions.
Can you solve my problem in one session?

Maybe. This depends on a number of factors.

Sometimes there is something that your animal friend needs to get off their chest, and sometimes that is enough to help bring more harmony into the household.

Oftentimes the root cause of behavioral issues is much different from the animal’s perspective than it is from the human perspective.

Sometimes animals will request certain changes in the home. Sometimes any changes you seek in your animal’s behavior may largely depend on how much you are willing to change yourself.

Sometimes problems are more complex. Especially if there are a number of humans and animals living together, we may need to talk to all the animals to get a full view of what’s going on in the home and to find best resolutions.

Also, with health problems and issues related to past trauma, your animal may respond better to BEST (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) energetic healing with a series of treatments. However, some animals respond immediately to one session and don’t seem to need follow up. Every situation is unique.

More complex issues may require a series of sessions, but of course the frequency is always up to you.

My goal is to help you and your animal friends find mutually beneficial ways to resolve any problems, and similar to any exchange or negotiation process, it might take more than one meeting to bring the level of harmony you seek.

Even after problems have been resolved, some humans like to check in with their animal friends a few times per year or even every month. There doesn’t need to be a problem to meet for an animal communication. In ongoing regular sessions humans get to know their animals on deeper and deeper levels.

Energetic Healing Work for Animals
Sometimes animals want to receive energetic healing work and they ask for it in a session. Similar to humans, when animals have negative or traumatic experiences, the experience can get stuck in their energy. The technique I employ can help to release these emotional scars from the animal’s energy. I do this with the animal’s and the owner’s consent.
Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST for short) is a gentle, non-invasive healing technique that balances the polarities and energy in and around the body. The technique can be done both in person and at a distance. I was certified in BEST in 2011 and have used the technique extensively with humans and other animals.
BEST was originally developed by a chiropractor for healing on humans. A special BEST procedure was adapted for infants, young children and animals. I was drawn to learn the animal BEST procedure for my own pets, and as I have spoken with more and more animals, they have asked or encouraged me to use the technique with them. This does not come up in all sessions, but if it does, it usually requires less than 5 minutes of our session time.
Please keep in mind, I’m not a vet or other licensed animal health professional, so I cannot give you a diagnosis for any health problems.
What I can do is relay how your animal is feeling, relay anything they tell me about symptoms they are experiencing, and relay anything else I see from my own vision about their physical bodies or their energy. Some vets and animal health professionals are open to hearing this type of information, and this may aid your vet in providing a more accurate diagnosis for your animal.
Although animal communication and traditional veterinary care can compliment each other, animal communication is never a substitute for proper veterinary care.
Most of the time people feel confirmation from the information that I share from their animals and feel a resonance with what I translate. Please know that telepathic communication is not always 100% accurate. Studies around this generally show about a 80% accuracy rate.
If something I translate doesn’t resonate with you, please speak up. It’s possible that we need clarification from your animal or I translated something incorrectly that needs to be re-addressed. I do my best to be as accurate as possible, but I do sometimes have off days too, so please let me know if something doesn’t resonate with you.
Your animal friends love it when they get engaged by you in this way!!
Bring your curiosity, your wonder and your desire to connect with your animal friend more deeply.
I look forward to connecting with you soon!