Meet Scruffy The Amazing Dumpster Dog

Meet Scruffy The Amazing Dumpster Dog

I first met Scruffy in the fall of 2017. Two of my friends found a dog in a dumpster and contacted me to communicate with him. Scruffy had plenty of things to say about where he had come from and lessons he wanted to share. I talk more about that in this week’s video:

There’s nothing quite like an animal rescue story for us animal lovers to make the heart swell and eyes tear a bit, huh? Scruffy has been such an amazing dog for me to connect with. I’m so happy his foster mom agreed to let me share his story with you today.

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Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator based in Colorado. She is inspired to connect humans with the deeper wisdom of their animal friends through one-on-one Animal Communication sessions and larger in-person Animal Communication workshops.

Although she loves connecting with animals in person, most of her sessions are conducted virtually with clients around the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

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