Not all clutter is physical. Clutter can take the form of false beliefs, self-blame, and grudge-holding (against yourself or others). This internal clutter, although usually unseen or hidden, can be just as disruptive, if not more so, to the flow of your life as physical clutter.

A few months ago, I shared with you my story about losing everything I owned in a fire, including my two cats. Since that time, my dear friend and fellow animal communicator Nina and I have been embarking on a project of communicating with all the animals that we have lived with from our births to present. It’s a big project!

Through animal communication we have been seeing some of the most interesting internal clutter we carry, and through animal communication we’ve been given the chance to acknowledge and then release these old, stagnant parts of ourselves that our animal companions have been revealing to us.

Although for a long time I resisted communicating with my two cats, Pan and Koko, who had died in the fire, there came a point when I knew it was time to talk with them and ask them about their deaths.

Koko & Pan

What they revealed to us was very unusual, and not anything what I expected. Part of the story around the fire that I did not share before is that after the fire department finished their investigation, they ruled that the fire was my fault. I had left a candle burning while I was away. So not only was I living with the fact that my cats had abruptly died, but I had to live with the fact that I was ultimately the one to blame for their deaths.

This was not how they saw things though. If there’s one big thing I’ve learned so far from animal communication it’s that how animals see the world is often quite different from how we humans see it.

They both reassured me that it was not painful when they died (they died of smoke inhalation according to the vet). They wanted me to know that it was not my fault, in fact it was perfect timing for them. They knew that their time to leave the earth was coming and that they were glad they were able to leave together. They had a bigger purpose, a mission if you will, with their previous owner’s son (I had adopted them when he went off to college) and they wanted to be with him. They needed to be with him, they were driven to be with him. They had not been entirely onboard with the previous owner adopting them to me. Although they thought I was ok as an owner, what they really wanted was to be with him. Their sense of purpose with him was so strong that they had to leave this life in order to reincarnate in another form so they could be with him again. Their mission with him was not finished.

“Sixteen years is long enough to carry this burden. This burden is not yours to carry,” says Pan. “Time to let it go.”

Koko showed us how she and Pan were looking for ways out of this incarnation, for ways to execute their deaths, such as looking for something they could poison themselves with, because their tie to this son was so strong. They said that I actually provided them an easier way out than what they were considering. My tears should be tears of joy and connection, not sadness. They showed how they had been reunited with the son and had were now in their second incarnation with him since they died in the fire. They were where they belonged. They were fulfilling their mission.

A felt a huge weight lifted off my chest and my whole energy after this part of the conversation. The world was not as I thought it was indeed. I had been flogging myself for years, sixteen years in fact, over what happened, but their view was completely different. Theirs was a view of gratitude towards me. It was a complete shift and allowed me to see for myself what had really happened.

What shifts in your life when you see things from a different perspective? See for yourself, book an animal communcation session today.



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