In this episode of our Live With the Animals series I connect for Animal Communication with two goatie friends, Godiva & Nettle. These goats had a lot of information about how we can manage our energy during this unprecedented time during the pandemic.

They both share with us different ways we can get back in touch with our own energy instead of plugging into the heavy energy of the news and panic that is creating fear in so many of us. It was interesting to hear how two goats could have such a different take on things!

Listen to the full Animal Communication interview here:



About Tracy

Tracy Pierce is an Animal Communicator based in Colorado. She is inspired to connect humans with the deeper wisdom of their animal friends through one-on-one Animal Communication sessions and larger in-person Animal Communication workshops.

Although she loves connecting with animals in person, most of her sessions are conducted virtually with clients around the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

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Tracy’s Interview on Delivery Rank

Tracy’s Interview on Delivery Rank

This week I was interviewed by Delivery Rank, a site that brings you the facts about top meal delivery services – including pet food delivery services.

Connect With Animals: Foundation Essentials is an introductory level, self-paced course for animal lovers who are ready to connect more deeply with their animal friends, so you no longer have to rely solely on the advise and opinions of vets and trainers.

When you learn the basic process of communicating with animals, you can start to take your relationships with animals to deeper levels and bring more joy, peace, harmony and understanding into your home.

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